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Ag Center Board Overview

The Sublette County Ag Center is located at the County fairgrounds outside of Marbleton. The three-member board, appointed by the Sublette County Commissioners, provides supervision while operations are handled by Jay Brower, 307-749-3546 or 307-276-5373.

Reserving the Indoor Arena

The facility is available for practice session and other informal events on a first-come, first served basis. If you wish to schedule a community or for-profit event, please reserve your date as soon as possible. To make a reservation or to check dates for availability, please call (307)-749-3546 or (307) 276-5373, please leave a message if you do not get through.

Any scheduled time that is not booked will be treated as open time. When reserving, please remember that use of this facility has grown dramatically in the last few years. Please reserve time only if you plan to use it, so that everyone who wishes to use the barn can do so. If demand exceeds the time available, the Board will meet and come up with a new way to try to accommodate everyone.

Notice: If you would like to come in and ride prior to an event scheduled for the day, please be sure you are finished at least two hours before the event begins. The event preparation has priority and could take longer than two hours.

Insurance: Liability Insurance is required to serve alcoholic beverages at the fairgrounds. Event insurance is required for any organized activity held at the fairgrounds. Insurance is not required when individuals or groups want to use the fairgrounds for recreational purposes.



View the daily and events schedule.

Token Machine

There is a token machine in the building that will allow anyone to turn on the lights. The token rate is $5, which will turn on the lights for one hour. These tokens are available in the concession area of the Ag Center. You may put in more than one token at a time.

RV Spots

The only time the RV spots are to be reserved is during an Event going on at the Fairgrounds. We will not rent RV Spots to the general public.

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